I‘m Sandy, a fitness blogger living in Los Angeles, California. I love teaching, inspiring and motivating others about health and fitness. I want to share my knowledge and help others become better.

In 2003, my best friend was shot and murdered. I didn’t understand the word pain until that day. My world sank. I became depressed and didn’t know what to do with myself. I went from being active (ASB, dance, track & field) to going home every lunch break so I can be alone. I hated the world. Two years later my closest cousin was murdered. At this point, I was beyond lost. I battled with depression, insecurities and did not know how to control them.

I decided that I will no longer be a victim. I made a commitment to make a difference in other people’s lives because, at the core, that is who I am.


I systematically began removing all negative energy from my life , which can be difficult because sometimes the most negativity comes in the form of “friends” and family. To relieve stress, I trained for countless hours and found myself absorbed in research on health and fitness, all the while committed to becoming a better me. I became so obsessed with the notion that others started gravitating towards me in efforts to improve their own lives. I decided to make it career and I could not be happier!